Oxtongue Lake Outdoor Exhibit & Plaques of Honour

Enjoy a walk around around the lake and view artists plaques of honour. 

Group of Seven and Tom Thomson Outdoor Exhibit This outdoor exhibit is located at the Oxtongue Lake Community Centre at Oxtongue Lake, in Ontario. This outdoor exhibit is designed to showcase the connection between the Oxtongue Lake community and the works of art that the future members of the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson created depicting the area. Come on out and stop by to read about these famous artists and their work in our area.
A.J. Casson Plaque of Honour.   Located at the western edge of the Oxtongue Lake bridge near Algonquin Outfitters Road you will be able to imagine what it was like to be AJ Casson painting “Early September, Oxtongue Lake” in 1969. This plaque mounted where it was created, depicts the actual painting and allows the viewer to see first hand the vision and results of A.J. Cassons interpretation of the this particular landscape. The plaque also includes quotes and other factual information on the painting as well as AJ Casson. Currently, “Early September, Oxtongue Lake” hangs in the Ottawa Art Gallery in Ottawa.
 A.J. Casson and “The Bay, Oxtongue Lake” Group of Seven and Tom Thomson Outdoor Exhibit, Plaque 6 This Oxtongue Lake for Arts and Culture outdoor plaque is located at Blue Spruce Resort at Oxtongue Lake in Ontario. For over three decades, A.J. Casson, the youngest member of the Group of Seven, stayed at the resort with his wife, Margaret. It was from there that he sketched and painted many different works of art of Oxtongue Lake and the surrounding area. In the summer of 1982, on the shore at Blue Spruce Resort, he painted this work of art which he titled “The Bay, Oxtongue Lake”.
“Tom Thomson and Northern River” Group of Seven and Tom Thomson Outdoor Exhibit, Plaque 18 This outdoor plaque is located along the Oxtongue River near Oxtongue Lake, in Ontario. This Oxtongue Lake for Arts and Culture plaque is dedicated to Tom Thomson and the works of art such as “Northern River” that he created depicting the area.
One of the highlights of the Canada Day 2016 celebrations at Oxtongue Lake was the unveiling of a new Oxtongue Lake for Arts & Culture plaque celebrating the famous explorer and cartographer David Thompson who traveled over 90,000 kilometres in North America via foot, canoe and horseback to complete the task. Among those waters paddled by David were the Oxtongue River and Oxtongue Lake.